Card Deck

Use 2 decks – J,9,A,10,K,Q (total 48 cards)

6 member game – 8 cards each

8 member game – 6 cards each

Player with "red marker" starts Call and Play


Comply to extreme sportsmanship.

No talking or voice signalling or messaging team members at any time during bidding or playing. This is strictly forbidden.


Signup - Sign up and create a username. You will need a valid email id during sign up and confirm it. Click to Sign Up

Login - Login and enter a club (Public or Private) of your choice. You can enter the Public club anytime, however, you must be enrolled into any Private club by the respective admin. Click to Login

Enter table - Click on "Join" to enter a table. When you enter a table, you will be assigned the next available chair (and that team). You cannot choose your team. If you want to be in a particular team, then coordinate with other team members and enter the table in sequence. Click to join table

Call - How to Call?
Play - How to Play?
Videos - Real Game Videos on YouTube